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We are committed to providing our clients with superior service by provide tailoring immigration or business solutions to meet your needs. No matter you are students, skilled or trade workers, families or business owners, we will help you fulfill your temporary stay or permanent relocation to Canada and we can also facilitate your business expansion as appropriate. Our experienced legal professionals, education consultants, employment specialists, financial consultants, regulated accountants and notary public are here to offer a wide range of services in the areas of working, studying, doing business or living in Canada.

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Full Immigration Solution.

We are committed to providing our clients with superior service by provide tailoring immigration or business solutions to meet your needs. No matter you are students, skilled or trade workers, families or business owners, we will help you fulfill your temporary stay or permanent relocation to Canada and we can also facilitate your business expansion as appropriate. Our experienced legal professionals, education consultants, employment specialists, financial consultants, regulated accountants and notary public are here to offer a wide range of services in the areas of working, studying, doing business or living in Canada.


Janseen Yang


Janseen 在移民、商业、信息通信技术和多元文化领域拥有超过20年的经验。作为加拿大规管的移民顾问,他在帮助个人和家庭实现移民梦想方面有着广泛的知识和专业能力。
Janseen 森熟悉加拿大移民法律和政策,能够处理各种复杂的移民案件。他的目标是确保客户的申请程序顺利进行,并最大限度地提高他们的成功机会。
Janseen 作为移民顾问深知移民对个人和家庭的重要性。他对移民过程中的挑战和机遇有着深入的了解,并通过提供专业的建议和支持,帮助客户在加拿大实现繁荣的生活。

如果您正在考虑移民到加拿大或有任何移民问题,Janseen 愿意与您合作,为您提供专业的移民咨询和服务。与他合作,您可以期待专业、诚信和全面的支持,确保您的移民过程顺利无忧。

Christy Chen

陈女士毕业于浙江大学,获得管理科学与工程硕士学位(保送研究生)。毕业后曾就职于全球顶级企业管理咨询公司埃森哲(Accenture)多年,担任高级项目经理;在某大型集团企业大学担任组织与流程变革及项目管理课程讲师。陈女士拥有十多年企业管理咨询项目经验,助力全球500强企业提升企业绩效。移民加拿大后,在Ashton College系统地完成加拿大
移民、难民和公民法学习,取得 Immigration Consultant Diploma。作为一名持牌顾问,秉承一贯高度严谨、务实、一丝不 苟的工作态度,陈女士致力于帮助每一位客户实现他们来加拿大学习、工作和移民定居的 梦想!

Shelley Zhao

Shelley 是一名资深的安家顾问,过去15年,她一直致力于帮助加拿大新移民更快安家落户,适应加拿大生活,从住房、就业、交通到子女的学习等方方面面。她一直秉持着专注、专业的态度,协助他们在加拿大顺利开启新生活。她的耐心、悉心也让她获得了客户的一致好评,许多客户也都成为她的好朋友。

Mayhwa Chan


Torres Wu

Torres拥有10多年的加拿大创业经验, 组建并领导了一支多元文化背景的专业团队,在北美工业产品主流市场工作并取得了巨大的成功。在北美工作20多年的Torres带领他的初创团队成功地经营了多项业务。他本人在加拿大和中国都拥有着丰富的企业管理和营销策略经验。毫无疑问,他和他的团队将帮助您在加拿大成功创业,為您提供最佳的加拿大移民方案和商业服务。

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Canadian Immigration Services

Ever since the establishment of RTC, our focus has been on delivering successful Canadian immigration services built upon a foundation of professionalism, honesty, dedication, and respect. Our commitment lies in providing you with the utmost quality of services, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience from the initial stages of planning to settling down in Canada. We handle all the essential immigration steps and procedures, placing your needs and aspirations as our top priority.

Skilled Worker Immigration: Canada is constantly in search of skilled professionals to contribute to its thriving economy. We assist individuals with the application process for skilled worker immigration, guiding them through the Express Entry system, provincial nominee programs, and other relevant pathways.

Business Investors Immigration: Entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish or expand their business ventures in Canada can rely on our expertise. We provide guidance on business investors immigration programs, such as the Start-up Visa program and the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital program.

Self-employed Immigration: If you possess exceptional skills and talent in cultural or athletic fields, our self-employed immigration services can help you navigate the application process and fulfill your dreams of pursuing your passion in Canada.

Family Sponsorship Immigration: Reuniting families is a priority, and our team is dedicated to assisting with family sponsorship immigration. We understand the importance of family connections and work diligently to bring loved ones together in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Immigration: Each Canadian province has its own unique immigration programs to address regional labor market needs. We offer comprehensive support for provincial nominee immigration, guiding you through the specific requirements and application process.

Refugee and Protected Person: For individuals seeking refuge and protection in Canada, we provide guidance on refugee and protected person applications, ensuring your safety and security.

Temporary Resident Visa: If you are planning a temporary stay in Canada for tourism, business, or visiting family and friends, our services include assisting with temporary resident visa applications to make your visit hassle-free.

Temporary Resident Permit: In certain circumstances where individuals may not meet the usual entry requirements, we help navigate the process of obtaining a temporary resident permit, ensuring you have the necessary authorization to enter and stay in Canada temporarily.

Study Permit and Visa: Pursuing education in Canada opens doors to exceptional learning opportunities. Our team assists aspiring students with study permit and visa applications, ensuring a smooth transition to Canadian educational institutions.

Work Permit and Visa: Canada offers numerous employment opportunities, and we support individuals in obtaining work permits and visas, enabling them to work legally in the country and contribute to its thriving workforce.

Visitor Record: If you’re already in Canada as a visitor and wish to extend your stay, our services include assisting with the application for a visitor record, allowing you to prolong your visit and explore the beauty of Canada.

Permanent Resident Card: As a permanent resident of Canada, a permanent resident card is your official proof of residency. We provide guidance on the application process, ensuring that you have the necessary documentation to enjoy the benefits of permanent residency.

Citizenship Application: Once you’ve met the requirements for Canadian citizenship, we assist in the preparation and submission of your citizenship application, helping you embark on the final step of your Canadian journey.

At Road To Canada (RTC), our regulated Canadian immigration consultants understand that navigating the complex world of immigration can be overwhelming. That’s why our team of experts is here to provide personalized guidance, streamline the application process, and ensure that your immigration experience is as smooth as possible. With our in-depth knowledge of Canadian immigration services, laws and regulations, we strive to maximize your chances of success.

Embark on your Canadian dreams today! Contact one of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants at Road To Canada (RTC) for comprehensive Canadian immigration services, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Let us be your trusted partner on this transformative journey to Canada.

Canadian Immigration Services

Professional Legal Consulting Services:

  1. Licensed Counselor of Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada: Specialized representation of clients in handling their immigration and refugee cases at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. The RTC legal team possesses the professional knowledge and experience to provide legal consultation, representation, and defense services, ensuring the protection of clients’ rights and interests.
  2. Refugee and Protected Person Services: Assisting applicants in understanding their rights and obligations, providing guidance in preparing application materials, and offering legal and social support throughout the application process.
  3. Appeal Your Removal Order Services: Providing legal representation and defense to help clients appeal their removal orders, seeking to delay removal or change the removal decision.

With our Professional Legal Consulting Services and Canadian Immigration Services, we are here to guide and assist you in your journey to settle in Canada. Our team of knowledgeable legal professionals provides expert advice and support, ensuring that your immigration process is handled smoothly and efficiently.

Hiring and Recruiting services

For Employers, we provide:

  1. Labour Market Research and Guide: We conduct comprehensive research on the labor market to help employers make informed decisions. Our expert guidance ensures that you stay updated on market trends, job demands, and available talent.
  2. Domestic and International Recruiting: We assist employers in finding the right candidates for their workforce needs, both domestically and internationally. Our extensive network and recruitment strategies enable us to source top talent from diverse backgrounds.
  3. Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) for Temporary Foreign Workers: We navigate the complex process of LMIA applications for employers seeking to hire temporary foreign workers. Our expertise ensures compliance with regulations and maximizes the chances of a successful application.

For Job Seekers, we offer:

  1. Job Referral: We connect job seekers with relevant employment opportunities through our vast network of employers. Our aim is to match your skills and aspirations with the right job openings.
  2. Resume Upgrading: We provide professional assistance in upgrading and optimizing your resume to enhance its appeal to potential employers. Our experts ensure that your resume highlights your key strengths and achievements effectively.
  3. Interview Coaching: We offer personalized coaching sessions to help job seekers excel in interviews. Our experienced coaches provide valuable insights, tips, and strategies to boost your confidence and performance during interviews.
  4. Customized Job Hunting: We tailor our job hunting approach to your specific needs and preferences. Our team assists you in identifying suitable job prospects, crafting personalized job search strategies, and maximizing your chances of securing employment.
  5. International Workforce Coaching: For job seekers seeking international opportunities, we provide coaching and guidance on navigating the complexities of working abroad. We help you understand cultural nuances, immigration requirements, and employment regulations, ensuring a smooth transition to an international work environment.

Our comprehensive range of hiring and recruiting services together with our professional Canadian immigration services aims to support both employers and job seekers in achieving their hiring and career goals effectively.

For Newly Graduates, we offer,

Our career coaching services are designed to provide guidance, support, and resources to individuals seeking to advance their careers or explore new professional paths. Our experienced coaches work closely with clients to assess their skills, interests, and goals, helping them make informed career decisions. Through personalized coaching sessions, we offer assistance in resume and cover letter development, interview preparation, networking strategies, and job search techniques. Our goal is to empower individuals to navigate their career journey with confidence and achieve long-term success.

Internship Referral:

We understand the value of internships in gaining practical experience and kickstarting a successful career. Our internship referral services connect students and recent graduates with relevant internship opportunities in their desired fields. We maintain a network of trusted employers who offer valuable learning experiences and growth opportunities. Through our tailored approach, we match candidates with internships that align with their skills, interests, and career objectives, providing them with a solid foundation to launch their professional journeys.

Post-Hiring Follow-ups:

Our commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond the hiring process. We provide post-hiring follow-up services to ensure a smooth transition and continued success in the new role. Our team remains in touch with employers and newly hired candidates, offering support and assistance during the early stages of employment. We address any concerns, facilitate communication, and provide resources for onboarding and integration into the company culture. Our aim is to foster positive employer-employee relationships and contribute to long-term job satisfaction and retention.

Through our one-stop Canadian immigration services, we are committed to supporting individuals at every stage of their professional journey. We provide comprehensive career coaching, internship referrals, and post-hiring follow-ups to facilitate growth and maximize opportunities for success. Our aim is to ensure that you receive full support throughout your immigration process and beyond.

Business Consulting Services

Project Filtering: Provide industry and market analysis of industrial products and high-tech products, and work out business plans in the light of customer situation.

Market Research: After the customer approves the project, further analysis of the project’s detailed positioning, investment situation, market strategy, long-term planning, etc., provides detailed implementation plan.

Company Establishing: To assist the company in setting up or owning an existing company, forming or adjusting teams, and assisting the company’s management in overseeing the implementation of the plan. Continuously improve and adapt implementations to achieve the best operational results in operations.

Operations Management: Elite team and effective management are the fundamental guarantee of enterprise development. We will be in line with the principle of fairness and fairness, to assist enterprises to do a good job in the selection, education, employment and retention mechanism. Give every talent the opportunity to develop their talents and get the rewards.

Marketing Strategy: According to market conditions and customer feedback, and constantly adjust and improve the direction of the market. To develop a global perspective on the development of the market development strategy, do our best to maximize the benefits of enterprises.

Our integrated suite of services encompasses both Business Consulting Services and Canadian Immigration Services, all designed to help you achieve your Canada Dream. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or seeking to expand your business ventures, our experienced consultants provide expert guidance and strategies to drive growth and success.

Please contact us now for more information related to our Canadian Immigration Services.

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Canadian Immigration Services

RTC offers a wide range of major categories of Canadian Immigration Services and related services for your needs.