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Immigrate through Express Entry

  Immigrating through the Express Entry program is Canada's primary economic immigration pathway, aiming to attract highly skilled and experienced individuals to Canada for permanent residency.

Here's more about the Express Entry program:

  1. Express Entry System: It's an online application system where applicants create a profile and submit an Expression of Interest indicating their desire to immigrate to Canada. Within the profile, applicants provide information related to age, education, work experience, and language abilities.
  2. Scoring System: Applicants' profiles are evaluated using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), considering key factors such as age, education, work experience, language skills, and adaptability. Each factor is assigned specific points, and those with the highest total score have the opportunity to be invited to apply for immigration.
  3. Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS): Based on applicants' overall scores, the system ranks them. Approximately every two weeks, the Canadian immigration authority issues invitations to those with the highest rankings to submit immigration applications.
  4. Federal Experience Categories: Through Express Entry, applicants can apply under three federal experience categories:
    • Canadian Experience Class: Applicable to individuals with legal work experience in Canada.
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program: Applicable to individuals meeting requirements in occupational skills, work experience, language proficiency, and other criteria.
    • Federal Skilled Trades Program: Applicable to individuals with work experience in skilled trades.
  5. Employer Sponsorship and Provincial Nomination Programs: Besides federal experience categories, applicants can gain additional points through employer sponsorship or provincial nomination. Having a job offer from a Canadian employer or being nominated by a specific province increases the chance of receiving an invitation to apply for immigration.
  6. Invitation to Apply: Once invited to apply for immigration, applicants need to submit complete application materials within a specified time frame and pay the necessary fees. Applicants undergo procedures such as medical examinations and security background checks."

Study Permit, Work Permit, and Visitor Visa

  • Temporary Resident Visa:If you are planning a temporary stay in Canada for tourism, business, or visiting family and friends, our services include assisting with temporary resident visa applications to make your visit hassle-free.
  • Temporary Resident Permit:In certain circumstances where individuals may not meet the usual entry requirements, we help navigate the process of obtaining a temporary resident permit, ensuring you have the necessary authorization to enter and stay in Canada temporarily.
  • Study Permits and Visas:Canada offers outstanding educational opportunities. Our team assists aspiring students in processing study permit and visa applications, ensuring a smooth transition to Canadian educational institutions.
  • Work Permits and Visas:With numerous employment opportunities in Canada, we support individuals in acquiring work permits and visas, enabling them to work legally and contribute to the thriving workforce.
  • Visitor Records:If you're already in Canada as a visitor and wish to extend your stay, our services include assisting in applying for visitor records, allowing you to prolong your stay and explore the beauty of Canada.
  • Permanent Residency Pathway for Hong Kong Residents:This temporary public policy for current Hong Kong residents in Canada provides a pathway to permanent residency for eligible applicants and their families. You may qualify for two streams. You can apply for permanent residency under one of the following streams: A Stream: Canadian Graduate Stream B: Canadian Work Experience

Permanent Residence and Citizenship Applications

  • Permanent Resident Card: As a permanent resident of Canada, the Permanent Resident Card serves as your official proof of residency. We provide guidance on the application process, ensuring you have the necessary documentation to access the benefits of permanent residency.
  • Citizenship Application: Once you meet the requirements for Canadian citizenship, we assist in preparing and submitting your citizenship application, aiding you in taking the final step towards your journey in Canada.

Business Immigration

  • Business Investors ImmigrationEntrepreneurs and investors looking to establish or expand their business ventures in Canada can rely on our expertise. We provide guidance on business investors immigration programs, such as the Start-up Visa program and the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital program.
  • The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)RNIP is a community-driven initiative designed to spread the benefits of economic immigration to smaller communities. It aims to create a pathway for skilled foreign workers who wish to work and live in one of the participating communities, granting them permanent residency

Self-employed Immigration

  • Self-employed Immigration: Within our range of Canadian immigration services at Road to Canada Immigration, the Self-Employed Immigration service stands as one of the most sought-after immigration pathways. If you possess unique skills and talents in the cultural or sports fields, our Self-Employed Immigration service can assist you in navigating the application process, enabling your aspirations to pursue dreams in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Immigration

  The Provincial Nominee Immigration Program in Canada is a collaborative initiative between the federal government and individual provinces/territories. Under this program, provinces and territories have the authority to select their own immigration candidates and nominate them, allowing these nominees to apply for permanent residency in specific provinces or regions within Canada.

  The requirements and conditions for Provincial Nominee Immigration Programs vary among provinces and territories, each having its own nomination categories and standards. Typically, these programs prioritize applicants who contribute to local economic development or possess specific skills or work experience. Here are some common categories within Provincial Nominee Immigration Programs:

  1. Skilled Worker Category: Designed for applicants with high skills and professional backgrounds, including professionals, engineers, medical professionals, and more.
  2. Business Immigration Category: Tailored for applicants intending to invest or start businesses in specific provinces or regions, often requiring a business plan and meeting investment criteria.
  3. International Graduate Category: Offers immigration opportunities for international students who completed their studies in Canada and obtained a degree.
  4. Semi-Skilled Worker Category: Aimed at individuals with certain skills but who don't meet the requirements for the Skilled Worker Category, including workers in industries like hospitality and retail.

  Each province and territory develops nomination programs aligned with their labor needs and development objectives. Applicants typically need to secure provincial nomination before applying to the Canadian federal immigration department for permanent residency.

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Skilled Worker Immigration

Skilled Worker ImmigrationCanada is constantly in search of skilled professionals to contribute to its thriving economy. We assist individuals with the application process for skilled worker immigration, guiding them through the Express Entry system, provincial nominee programs, and other relevant pathways.

Other Immigration Programs

Family-sponsored immigration:Reuniting families is a priority, and our team is dedicated to assisting with family sponsorship immigration. We understand the importance of family connections and work diligently to bring loved ones together in Canada.

Refugees and protected persons:For individuals seeking refuge and protection in Canada, we provide guidance on refugee and protected person applications, ensuring your safety and security.

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