French-speaking Talent Program

French-speaking Talent Program

Canada is seeking to attract more French-speaking immigrants from outside the province of Quebec. This initiative aims to enhance the vibrancy, growth, and prosperity of Canada’s French-speaking minority communities.

If you’re considering permanent immigration to Canada, you can create your profile through the Express Entry system. Express Entry is a new system used in Canada to manage applications for various existing economic immigration programs:

Visit the Express Entry website for more information. You can also participate in webinars regarding Express Entry and French-speaking life.

To create your profile, you need to determine and demonstrate your proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages (French or English). Ensure that your first language choice is the one you are most proficient in, as this can increase your chances of obtaining higher points in the Comprehensive Ranking System for Express Entry.

If you’re proficient in both of Canada’s official languages, you can also provide approved language test results for your second official language. Candidates can earn additional points based on their proficiency in their second official language.

Additionally, excellent French language skills can now earn you up to 50 extra points (even if French is your second language). These points supplement the previous points mentioned.

If you score NCLC 7 or higher in all four French language skills, you can receive:

  • An extra 50 points if your English score is CLB 4 or lower (or if you haven’t taken an English test)
  • An additional 50 points if you score CLB 5 or higher in all four English language skills.

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