Immigration Pathway

Immigration Pathway

Immigration Pathway is a service project promoted by our company based on our experience and success in international students’ study and immigration applications and local advantageous immigration policies for international students.

This program is a one-stop immigration service for International graduates in Canada, which integrates general vocational training, job recommendation and a full set of immigration services, so that graduates can meet the immigration requirements as quickly and flexibly as possible.

  1. Service coherence: This project covers all service procedures from international students’ job hunting after graduation to the immigration application in Canada. The service procedures are uninterrupted and consistent. We ensure to offer professional services.
  2. Time saving: We can make long-term plans for the applicants according to the specific requirements from the them and their parents. The applicants will find a suitable position that qualifies immigration requirements immediately after graduation. We will help the applicants to apply for immigration right after they meet the immigration requirements.
  3. Get a quick understanding of the workplace: Fresh graduates usually lack working experience. We will provide job training to graduates to allow them rapidly get work and social experience.
  4. Screening for qualified jobs: We will arrange the applicants to work for companies that are qualified to sponsor immigration. On the one hand, it can solve the problem of finding jobs. On the other hand, applicants can accumulate one year’s work experience as soon as possible to add points for immigration applications.
  5. Professional service: BC province has very advantageous immigration policy for international graduates and our company has great successful experience. Our company will help graduates preparing application materials strictly adhering to the British Columbia and the federal immigration law.
Project Process
  1. Project introduction: We will introduce and explain the Immigration Pathway Project.
  2. Signing agreement with clients: We will sign agreements with clients, providing reliable and detailed immigration planning. We will provide existing employer list that is qualified for immigration programs for clients to choose and also accept other employers if clients have their own recommended employers. We will confirm the size of the company and available positions to ensure that the employers are fully qualified for immigration programs.
  3. General job training: We will improve the clients’ office skills and interview skills before they start work, so as to help them quickly get the desired job.
  4. Meet the immigration requirements: We will soon submit the BCPNP or EE applications once the clients meet the immigration requirements. We will also provide them with immigration telephone interview training.

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Project Requirements

Applicant can work for the employer for 2 years