We offer comprehensive permanent residency and temporary visa services for Canada, including

  • Permanent Resident Visas:Encompassing federal skilled worker immigration, federal investor immigration, federal self-employed immigration, family reunification immigration, spouse sponsorship, parent sponsorship, child sponsorship immigration, caregiver immigration, remote area pilot immigration, agriculture food pilot immigration, Hong Kong special pathway immigration, refugee and asylum immigration, and various provincial nominee program immigrations.
  • Temporary Resident Visa:If you are planning a temporary stay in Canada for tourism, business, or visiting family and friends, our services include assisting with temporary resident visa applications to make your visit hassle-free.
  • Temporary Resident Permit:In certain circumstances where individuals may not meet the usual entry requirements, we help navigate the process of obtaining a temporary resident permit, ensuring you have the necessary authorization to enter and stay in Canada temporarily.
  • Study Permits and Visas:Canada offers outstanding educational opportunities. Our team assists aspiring students in processing study permit and visa applications, ensuring a smooth transition to Canadian educational institutions.
  • Work Permits and Visas:With numerous employment opportunities in Canada, we support individuals in acquiring work permits and visas, enabling them to work legally and contribute to the thriving workforce.
  • Visitor Records:If you're already in Canada as a visitor and wish to extend your stay, our services include assisting in applying for visitor records, allowing you to prolong your stay and explore the beauty of Canada.
  • International Mobility Work Permits:Typically, Canadian employers hiring foreign workers need a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Through the International Mobility Programs, Canadian employers can hire foreign workers, helping them obtain work permits without the need for an LMIA, facilitating talent mobility between countries. Applicants in this category submit their applications directly to the Canadian federal immigration department.
  • French-Speaking Talent Work PermitsCanada, being a bilingual country with English and French, exempts French-speaking workers from the LMIA requirement. They can directly apply for employer-specific closed work permits.