Canada’s least and most stressful cities to live in


Canada’s least and most stressful cities to live in

The least stressful city

Saskatchewan: Regina


Regina, the second largest city in Saskatchewan, is surprisingly a very livable city, with a population of nearly 240,000. In December 2023, the average home price in Regina was $310,200, while the average income in Regina was $47,963.

New Brunswick: Saint John

St. John’s, New Brunswick’s second largest city, is located on the north shore of the Bay of Fundy. The metropolitan area has a population of approximately 130,000. In December 2023, the average home price in Saint John was $299,900, while the average income in Saint John was $44,200.

Newfoundland: Saint John

Newfoundland also has a Saint John, which is the capital and largest city of the province of Newfoundland. It is located on the east side of Newfoundland, facing the Atlantic Ocean, and is the second largest city in Atlantic Canada.
The average housing price in Saint John, Newfoundland is $339,200, and the average salary here is $55,450, making it a more livable place than the city of the same name in New Brunswick.

Quebec: Saint-Marie

Saint-Marie is a city in Quebec, 60 kilometers away from Quebec City, with a population of 13,000. According to Chinese standards, this is an out-and-out small town, but it is also very livable. The average house price here is $274,031, and the average salary is $44,120. There are many other small towns like this in Quebec.


Manitoba: Brandon

Brandon is the second largest city in Manitoba with a population of about 50,000. The average house price in Brandon is $295,000 and the average salary is $49,120. Judging from the housing price/wage ratio, Brandon is a very livable city.
However, the city here is small and there are no big cities nearby. To live here, you need to be able to endure loneliness.

Cities with the most stressful life

British Columbia: Vancouver

There is no doubt that Vancouver is the most stressful city in Canada. Metro Vancouver is the most difficult region in Canada to buy a home.
The average personal income here is $59,162, which seems to be much higher than the cities above, but what about the housing prices? The average housing price in Vancouver is $1,276,517, which is almost four times that of the above cities.
Vancouver is the most livable city in the world. It has excellent conditions in terms of climate, environment, and living conditions. However, the price of enjoying a high-quality environment is the high cost of living. What do you think?


Ontario: Toronto

As the largest city in Canada, Toronto is naturally one of the most stressful in life. Life here can only be said to be slightly easier than in Vancouver. There are more job opportunities in Toronto than here.
The average housing price in the Toronto area is $1,093,900, while the average salary is $62,050. In fact, high living costs are a common phenomenon in big cities, and this is true all over the world.

Alberta: Calgary

Among Canada’s big cities, Calgary is relatively livable. Calgary has a larger urban population than Vancouver, but the metropolitan area is not as large as Vancouver. Calgary beats Vancouver in terms of cost of living. The average home price in Calgary is only $557,500, which is almost half that of the two cities above.
The average salary in Calgary is $64,600. Higher than Vancouver and Toronto, this is because Calgary has oil and high-tech industries, which provide a large number of high-paying jobs to the city. For these people, Calgary is still very suitable for settling.

Big cities have the advantages of big cities, and small places also have the advantages of small places. When immigrating to Canada, the most important thing is to choose a place to settle.

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