Co-op Work Permit

Co-op Work Permit



A Co-op work permit is a document issued by IRCC to international students who must participate in a mandatory co-op (i.e. one that is a requirement for their program).

This applies whether the work is on – or off – campus, paid or unpaid, during the academic year or during the summer, and regardless of the number of hours involved.

If accepted directly into a program requiring an internship (e.g. B.Ed., MBA), students can apply for their co-op/internship work permit at the same time as they apply for their initial Study Permit.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Have a valid study permit
  2. Work is a key part to complete the study program in Canada
  3. Have a letter from school confirming the mandatory nature of the work experience
  4. Co-op is 50% or less of the total program of study


You are not eligible for a co-op work permit if you are studying:

  1. English or French as a second language (ESL/FSL) or
  2. General interest courses or courses to prepare for another study program

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