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We provide THREE categories of services related to Canadian Immigration and Education.

Immigration and Visa services 

Skilled Worker Immigration
Business Investors Immigration
Self-employed Immigration
Family Sponsorship Immigration
Provincial Nominee Immigration
Refugee and Protected Person
Temporary Resident Visa
Temporary Resident Permit
Study Permit and Visa
Work Permit and Visa
Visitor Record
Permanent Resident Card

Hiring and Recruiting services 

For employer, we offer,

Labour Market research and guide
Domestic and International recruiting
Labor Market Impact Assessment for temporary foreign workers

For job seeker, we offer,

Job Referral
Resume upgrading
Interview Coaching
Customized job hunting
International work force coaching

Work permit and visa
Settlement Services

For Newly Graduates, we offer,

Career Coaching
Internship Referral
Post hiring follow-ups


Business Consulting Services

Project Filtering: Provide industry and market analysis of industrial products and high-tech products, and work out business plans in the light of customer situation.

Market Research: After the customer approves the project, further analysis of the project’s detailed positioning, investment situation, market strategy, long-term planning, etc., provides detailed implementation plan.

Company Establishing: To assist the company in setting up or owning an existing company, forming or adjusting teams, and assisting the company’s management in overseeing the implementation of the plan. Continuously improve and adapt implementations to achieve the best operational results in operations.

Operations Management: Elite team and effective management are the fundamental guarantee of enterprise development. We will be in line with the principle of fairness and fairness, to assist enterprises to do a good job in the selection, education, employment and retention mechanism. Give every talent the opportunity to develop their talents and get the rewards.

Marketing Strategy: According to market conditions and customer feedback, and constantly adjust and improve the direction of the market. To develop a global perspective on the development of the market development strategy, do our best to maximize the benefits of enterprises.