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Make an appointment with our expert you want to speak to

You may want to make an appointment with our expert and speak to them about your concerns. Consulting and Assessment are totally different from each other, as an assessment only answer your questions about your qualifications for what kinds of immigration program. But consulting will answer most details about your concerns pertaining to your specific immigration programs. Also, some questions other than assessment may not involve in the detailed operation for the immigration process. Based on these reasons, we may charge you a fee for a consulting, or you may be eligible for a free consulting. It is the full discretion of our consultants.

You should make the appointment at least 12 hours in advance of the appointment time. Once you booked an appointment, we will review your request and decide if you are eligible for a free appointment. If we confirm the appointment is free, you will receive an email indicates the appointment time and location. If you decide it is a paid consulting, we will send you an email with the advised time, location, link and amount you should pay. Once you successfully paid, the appointment is confirmed. If you do not pay before 12 hours of the appointment, the appointment will be canceled. You have to rebook it.

The Fees are as below:

1. General Consulting Service /30 minutes/$59
2. General Consulting Service /60 minutes/$118
3. Special Case Analysis /90 minutes/$188